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Exchange Program


Exchange program


To strengthen the cooperation and exchange between international institutions of higher education, Providence University has signed several study abroad agreements in order to provide opportunities for students to study abroad. Students have the chance to take courses in our partner universities overseas within the curriculum, creating a unique experience of a lifetime.
Through the Exchange Programs, students can shape their own learning experience by leading a different campus life and participating in activities in a foreign country. During the process, they will cultivate their problem-solving skills, learn to deal with cultural differences, make friends, and enhance their global vision. It will be a rewarding experience.


Types of Study abroad


  • During the period of study, the students recommended by the university will study the relevant courses with overseas partner universities and academic network partners. After returning to the country, both parties will recognize each other's study credits overseas.

If you want to apply for exchange through the university, you must attend the initial examination in the university.

The threshold is as follows:

  1. Students from Providence University (including during the period of study abroad).
  2. The GPA is over 2.75 (about 75 points)
  3. TOEFL iTP 500 / iBT 61 or above
  4. IELTS 6.0 or above (no less than 5.5 per subject)
  5. Daily inspection N2 or above (applicable to Japan)


Application Information:

  • Students are required to submit the following information before the deadline for the first trial of the school. Please send the documents to 411 Center. (Providence Hall R315 )

  1. Fee for overseas study application (Please pay the fee to the first floor of Bishop Kupfer Hall)
  2. overseas study application form (from e campus)
  3. English transcript (including GPA)
  4. Proof of language ability (TOEFL, IELTS, daily inspection, etc.)

  • The deadline for the first review is
  1. Apply for the fall semester: the end of February, the end of March
  2. Apply for spring semester: end of August, end of September

Language Program

Providence University also provides opportunities for overseas students who want to improve their language. Students can choose to study in the US/Canada/Australia and improve their English skills. They can also go to the European countries to learn the second foreign language. For details, please contact the 411 Center. 

  • Language threshold: no
  • Application time: no preliminary examination, before the end of April (autumn class), before the end of October (spring class)
  • Training period: 1 semester or 2 semester
  • No quota limit
  • Fee: Language training fees


For more than 40 years, ISEP has partnered with universities and colleges around the world for solutions to help them reach their internationalization goals. In this time, ISEP have grown into the largest global community for study, intern and volunteer abroad programs.

ISEP offer an impressive array of ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct programs among a global community of more than 300 universities and colleges in over 50 countries. More than 60,000 students from our member institutions have participated in our semester-long, full-year, and summer programs. With ISEP, students have unmatched access to high-quality academic opportunities, authentic local experiences and exceptional support.

As a non-profit organization, our first job is to break down financial and academic barriers to make study abroad accessible for all. ISEP programs are immersive, affordable and life-changing. Our students develop highly desirable skills for life and future employment, from an openness and respect to people and new ideas, to greater flexibility, problem solving, the ability to communicate and most importantly, a transformative self-confidence that can only come from such an authentic experience.


ACUCA is unique in that it has comprehensive mandate to bring about a veritable community of Christian institutions of higher learning in Asia, working closely together to benefit each other as well as the societies in which they exist. The ACUCA Secretariat is designed to be the instrumentality for creating the environmental prerequisites for active interaction and participation among the member-institutions to take place. In realizing this goal, there must be a continuing response to the changing conditions of Asian societies, a constant awareness of educational developments in the region, and a resolute will to actualize the Christian witness even in academic pursuits. Only through effective programs can the Association live up to the high expectations of its membership and ensure its viability.